Metal Bollards

Maltaward provide and install a range of bollards including metal bollards in a variety of forms and sizes, painted, powder coated mild steel or, more expensively, stainless steel. Typical uses include traffic management, security of parking bays, exclusion of unwanted presence of travellers and caravans.

Prevention is key and Maltaward offer recommendation on the most suitable bollards for specific needs.

Wherever you are in the country, if you’re looking for top quality metal bollards, Maltaward should be your first choice. Our team of site security experts will be able to offer you all the advice and recommendations you need to help you find all the bollards you need to keep your site and the people on it safe and secure, whether you need to cover the perimeter of your entire plot or just need a single bollard to keep vehicles out of a secure area.

Our metal bollards are of the highest quality possible, and can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used in car parks and parking bays to separate spaces and keep cars organised in a more effective way that the painted lines on the concrete can. They are an effective method of traffic management as they can’t simply be moved out of the way, and if they are properly spaced they can prevent any vehicles from entering specific parts of your site.

Another popular reason people may want to use metal bollards is keeping travellers off a site. If your site is particularly prone to the presence of travellers in caravans, metal bollards are a quick and effective way to keep your land secure and protected. Maltaward can offer advice on whereabouts your metal bollards should be placed to prevent travellers from accessing your land to help you keep your site secure. It is much harder to remove travellers from your land once they have already gained access, so prevention is key here.

Furthermore, if your building or site needs protection in general, these bollards are sturdy and durable enough to fend off any potential harm from vehicles. For instance, if you need to protect a school or a vulnerable allotment area, placing bollards around it can act as a buffer so that should a vehicle lose control, it will crash into the bollards rather than your site. This is why it is so crucial that you opt for the best quality products you can find, which Maltaward supplies every single time.

Maltaward is able to offer you competitive prices on all its site security products, so whether you’re looking for bollards, concrete barriers, plastic fencing or telescopic or concrete bollards, we will be able to advise you and help you find the exact items you need to keep your site safe. For more information about the quality metal bollards we offer, please get in touch with Maltaward today.


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