TVCBs Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) have a variety of applications where a heavy-duty safety barrier system is required. Maltaward are pleased to be among the leading suppliers of concrete barriers in the UK.

We provide a full range of concrete barriers and bollards of different sizes and weights for sale or hire which can be used for site security, managing traffic and protecting people or property from errant vehicles. Whether you want to regulate traffic around a construction site or are hosting a corporate event, our barriers are perfect for your needs.


TVCB Specifications and Sizes

Whatever your needs, you will find a suitable concrete  block in our range of barriers. Our TVCBs conform to BS EN 1317 standards and are 3m long by 0.45m wide and 0.8m high. They weigh 2½ tonnes and can be bolted together for extra security. Our crane lorries have the capacity to place them along side the road or over gates and fences.

Maltaward have depots across the UK and can provide TVCBs on a short or long term hire basis or alternatively you can purchase them direct from us depending on your specific requirements.

With a variety of options available we are sure to have the ideal barrier to suit your specifications. Our ISO Accreditation reflects our ability to provide a top-quality level of service.


For More Information

Whether you’re looking for TVCBs to offer site security to prevent fly tipping or illegal entry or you need barriers to provide traffic management, Maltaward will be happy to supply you with the best barrier solution. To find out more about Maltaward and our Maltablock range get in touch today and we’ll be only too happy to discuss your individual requirements.


Contact us for all your temporary vertical concrete barrier needs!

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