Concrete Jersey Barriers

Maltaward offers a wide range of high-quality concrete barriers to help businesses and event organisers meet various traffic management and safety needs. One of our most popular options is the Malta Interlocking Jersey Barrier.

Interlocking Jersey barriers are a manoeuvrable 1500kg concrete barrier, designed for quick and seamless installation, similar to the Delta concrete barriers. These barriers feature a smart appearance, with individual units at two and a half metre sections interlocking together to create a sleek, continuous aesthetic.

At Maltaward, we can supply precast high strength concrete jersey barriers (50N/mm2) nationwide for straightforward and easy installations, whatever your requirements. We offer fast and convenient nationwide delivery, find out more here. For estimated fulfilment timescales, please get in touch.

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The precast concrete Jersey Barrier is an interlocking heavy duty barrier commonly used for anti-vehicle perimeter protection. They are named after the state of New Jersey in America where they were first developed as traffic separators between lanes of vehicles on a highway in the 1950s and is now often the generic name for many concrete barriers. The classic upturned Y shape was designed to deflect traffic away from oncoming vehicles which now makes this barrier stable, secure and ideal for security purposes.


The unique interlocking system provides incredible levels of security against unwanted visitors whilst allowing sections to be easily removed and repositioned should emergency access be required.

The barriers are available for delivery on a self-install basis using a standard forklift truck.

Purpose-designed for either forklift or top-lift installation methods, our barriers are easy to install on site and move when needed for approved machinery and vehicle access.

Jersey Concrete Block Installations

Interlocking jersey barriers’ structural features and physical properties make them suitable for a number of applications:

  • Designated construction site zones
  • Roadside barriers
  • Securing vacant properties
  • Security access perimeters and gateways
  • Car park dividers
  • Crowd control

Advantages of Jersey Concrete Barriers

  • Interlocking design with sturdy tongue and groove lugs, which allows for fast assembly and reconfiguration. No need for steel pins or bolts to connect the concrete blocks together.
  • Made from robust, resilient precast concrete that’s easy to manoeuvre and place with moved with forklifts and cranes.
  • Low-profile inverted Y-shaped profile helps to add stability and deflect any close-moving traffic or vehicles.
  • Durable concrete material ‌withstands heavy usage reducing to cracks and spalling damage, continuing to perform suitably for years.
  • Can be used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, with movement and reconfiguration easy to do, as needed, to accommodate changing site or traffic conditions.
  • Individual units are 2.5m x 0.6m x 0.8m and installed end-to-end to form continuous lines of protection.
  • Jersey concrete barriers have been in widespread use since the 1950s and have proven capable of preventing dangerous crossovers and accidents in applications with varying levels of foot or vehicular traffic.

Maltaward’s jersey barriers meet European Standard EN1317 and have undergone rigorous testing. With over 70 years of proven use on roads and at events, these precast jersey blocks are the optimum choice for implementing reliable security and preventing dangerous incidents.

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