Water Filled Barriers

Water filled barriers are the modern solution to erecting safety barriers easily and quickly. Lightweight when unfilled, and easily stackable too, they’re easy to transport to sites and can be filled in situ as needed.

Commonly used around the country, water filled barriers can be seen around construction sites, in roadworks and also at sporting events and other outdoor events for security, and to control the movement of traffic and/or pedestrians. Whether you are buying or hiring, Maltaward can help.

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Water Filled Barriers for Sale or Hire

  • For a security solution you can trust, Maltaward offer an extensive range of high-quality plastic safety barriers. Whether you are looking to restrict access to a construction site or increase security at an outdoor event or any other application, our plastic safety barriers can do the job with ease.
  • For the best possible road barrier protection, Maltaward offer heavy-duty road barriers for a wide range of situations. Made of hard-wearing and very durable UV stabilised prime polyethylene, our heavy-duty road barriers have interlocking elements that combine to create straights, curves and bends.

If you would like to learn more about the range of water filled barriers that we offer, contact the team at Maltaward today.


EVO Road Barriers

Maltaward supplies a full range of EVO road barriers for sale or hire.

EVO road barriers are a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and extremely versatile choice for separating the flow of traffic, and to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic at particular sites or outdoor events. The barrier elements interlock both horizontally and vertically for maximum security, creating a solid gap-free barrier.

Manufactured from a high-quality UV stabilised prime polyethylene, EVO road barriers are both robust and durable. Water filled barriers or sand filled barriers can be used as more permanent solutions.


Euro Road Barriers

For total roadside protection and where a heavy ballasted height system is needed, Maltaward supply Euro road barriers for sale or hire. An integrated water filled road barrier system, Euro road barriers offer substantial strength and durability for the ultimate roadside protection.


Made in the UK from high-quality UV stabilised prime polyethylene, units are available in 1 metre and 2-metre lengths. Their unique interlocking design can easily accommodate curves, bends and angles.

Offering increased height and width compared to EVO road barriers, Euro road barriers are the perfect solution for situations where additional protection is necessary. As water filled barriers or sand-filled barriers, they form a heavy ballast barrier system for a wide range of applications.

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