Concrete Barriers for Hire & Sale in Liverpool

If you are based in Liverpool and need to purchase or hire highly efficient concrete barriers for a site security solution or need help with managing traffic around road works, Maltaward is the best choice for you. Our range of services span across all sorts of security and management purposes, from restricting trespassers and stray vehicles entering private property through to diverting traffic when local road works or construction is being carried out by a business. Whatever the application, we provide a range of high quality Malta Blocks that provide the ideal protection for a variety of vulnerable sites and act as demarcation barriers to keep empty properties safe and secure.

Highly Experienced

Since we formed in 1981, we have carried out various Civil Engineering contract across the South East. Our level of service was noticed by clients and partners alike as we received many positive reviews and testimonials. We covered the entire South East with ease thanks to being based in Crawley and our growth as a company encouraged the provision of services on a much wider scale. We now provide our services nationwide with our expertise covering drainage, security fencing, reinforced concrete, surfacing, ground works and more. We provide for both the public and private sectors and make the most of the latest working practices in order to tackle any new project we are faced with. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced operatives onboard who are more than capable of working in project management roles as well as carrying out construction work.

Our concrete barriers are a secure way to ensure no unwanted vehicles access private land or potentially vulnerable areas of property. They also act as the ideal protection scheme when conducting road works by diverting traffic and protecting the general public from harm. Whether you need a temporary solution to your problems, such as road works or property protection or you need a permanent installation, Maltaward are fully equipped to meet your specific requirements. The wide range of concrete barriers that we have to offer can provide the ideal security service no matter what your preferences may be. We strive to provide the highest quality service to all our clients and maintain the same policy that no job is too big or too small.

A Service You Can Trust

Our LANTRA accreditation means you can rely on us to provide you with the best concrete blocks that are perfect for your set requirements, whether you are in Liverpool or its surrounding areas. We have gained an excellent reputation over the years thanks to working on some

Big construction projects over the past decade, including the London Olympics and supplying for the City of London Police. You can rest assured that we will provide a reliable, sturdy, robust concrete barrier that is certain to do its intended job. We can supply a large number of blockades at once but we don’t have a minimum amount, so if you need a single blockade for security or traffic management purposes we can also provide one for you.

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Civil Engineering Expertise

We have a significant history in Civil Engineering and continue to make the most of the skills and experience we have in this sector to enhance our level of service. We can take up construction projects at airports, prisons, pharmaceutical facilities and various other specialised environments thanks to our wealth of experience. Not only do we provide expert drainage system installation services, we also supply highway and infrastructure construction services to local authorities across the country and this is a core business of ours.

Fencing Solutions

temporary security fencing

We supply steel palisade fencing for any high security situation, whether it’s major outdoor events with large crowds or construction sites that require securing in order to protect the general public. Our steel palisade fencing is designed to offer strong, sturdy and robust security solutions, while it’s also weather resistant. In addition, our knee rail fencing solutions help vehicles and trolleys navigate in retail areas and car parks. We also have telescopic and metallic bollards available that help prevent vehicles from accessing private property or construction sites.

Metallic Road Plates

We specialise in the supply of metallic road plates which bridge excavations and trenches dug for gas mains, water mains, drainage and cable work. They are extremely strong, capable of flexing without breaking and can withstand heavy loads without a problem. Our yards based nationwide make cost effective delivery to Liverpool very straightforward.

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