Covid 19 Advice

As set out in the government’s Living with COVID-19 plan, the focus of this new phase is on protecting those who are most at risk from the virus.

A new set of guidance from UKHSA provides important public health advice for people with symptoms of respiratory infections such as COVID-19.

Maltaward (Barriers) Ltd will comply with the published set of public health principles for businesses, organisations and employers in managing the risk to their workforce from respiratory infections, such as COVID-19

For People with symptoms of a respiratory infection

UKHSA guidance sets out that people with symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as COVID-19, and who have a high temperature or do not feel well, should try to stay at home and avoid contact with others. Those who are asked – or choose to test – and get a positive COVID-19 result should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days following the day of their positive result.

Anyone who needs to leave their home whilst they have symptoms of a respiratory infection such as COVID-19, or within 5 days following the day of their positive test, should take important precautions to minimise the chance of passing on their infection. Such precautions could include:

  • wearing a well-fitting face covering or a face mask
  • avoiding crowded or enclosed spaces such as public transport, large social gatherings and enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces
  • exercising outdoors and away from others
  • always remembering good hand and respiratory hygiene



We encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated including a booster, our Covid-19 procedures include: 


Advice to our employees includes. 

MALTAWARD (BARRIERS) LTD may be able to supply free test kits but only require staff to take a test if have symptoms or live with someone who has tested positive. 

Work-place testing will be via the lateral-flow test method. Should you receive a POSITIVE RESULT you are to immediately leave site and book an NHS Test – You are then required to take action as detailed above. 

We encourage and open and collaborative approach between both management and those working in our offices or on our sites and ask that if there are any issues arising – that the management are made aware so that they can be openly discussed and addressed. 

If at any time you feel unable to comply with above or believe that the office or site is not conforming to the above requirements STOP WORK and contact your manager. 

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