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While we are leading providers of a great range of shaped concrete barriers, Maltaward also offer barriers made from Malta rock. These large quarry rocks can be used in the same way as other barriers we offer, but they are far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional shaped concrete.

We work with a variety of clients with a huge range of requirements from their barriers – we understand that many businesses and events  prefer barriers with a less industrial appearance. Malta rock barriers are perfect for this as they can provide the same effect as a standard barrier but can blend into the background.

Whether you need to manage crowds, prevent unauthorised access or stop large vehicles from damaging scenery when they park, Malta rock can do the job perfectly. The rocks are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so they can be chosen to fit your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Malta rock?

    Malta rock is real quarry rocks that can be used in place of concrete barriers in a variety of situations requiring additional site security or crowd management.

  • Where are Malta rock barriers used?

    Malta rock barriers can be used anywhere that a business or organisations wants a barrier that is more aesthetically pleasing than standard concrete barriers. They can be useful at premises such as hotels, or at events where a more natural look may be preferred over a specifically industrial appearance.

  • Do you hire or sell Malta rock?

    At Maltaward, we can offer Malta rock either short- or long-term hire, or for purchase if you require permanent Malta rock barriers.

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