Tank Trap Concrete Pyramid Barriers

High-quality perimeter security has become an essential element for buildings, sites and events of all sizes. Maltaward provides an effective solution for robust perimeter security in the form of tank trap pyramid barriers (TTPBs).

These highly durable barriers have been designed to deliver protection against a variety of different vehicles incursion, whether you are aiming to prevent vehicle theft or prioritising safeguarding for high-risk sites.

These pyramid-shaped barriers are ideal for minimising the risk of ramraiding, vehicle attacks and even terrorism incidents.


How tank trap pyramid barriers work

The pointed design of the barriers stops vehicles of any size and weight without impaling them and offers long-lasting security with the benefit of being simple to install and easy to manage.

Each TTPB is a 2500kg unit that consists of three 900mm pyramid barriers with interlocking connectors that slot directly into place. This makes it very fast to set up, but also keeps your site highly secure, no matter the size of the perimeter you are looking to protect.


Tank trap pyramid barriers dimensions

  • Length: 2700mm
  • Height: 900mm
  • Width: 900mm
  • Weight: 2500kg


  • What are TTPBs used for?

    These barriers are ideal for any kind of perimeter defence. They have been used everywhere from airports and power stations to outdoor events and car storage.

  • How secure are pyramid barriers?

    This is a highly secure type of barrier cast in high strength concrete. This means that they are effective in stopping vehicles of all sizes.

  • How quickly can barriers be delivered?

    At Maltaward, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you high quality barriers when you need them. We provide a wide range of barrier solutions, so get in contact with us to discuss your needs, and we will get you the barrier protection you need as soon as possible.


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