Concrete Barriers for Hire & Sale in Worcestershire

Businesses and land owners across the Worcestershire region can contact Maltaward today for both permanent and temporary concrete barriers (TVCBs). We have worked with many different clients in Worcestershire in the past and have dealt with all sorts of client specifications from traffic management to vacant property protection. We are the number one manufacturer and supplier of a wide selection of barrier solutions which includes our Malta Block range. These heavy duty concrete barriers are suitable for a variety of different applications.

Maltaward have provided concrete barriers to clients in Worcestershire and the East Midlands in order to cover a range of safety and security requirements. We help to prevent access to sites that may be vulnerable or easily accessible to trespassers, travellers and fly tippers. Our Malta Blocks are sturdy and reliable, ensuring that no vehicles are capable of gaining access to property they should not have access to. This keeps your property safe and secure from unwanted visitors. We also provide concrete barriers for local businesses that require traffic management solutions during construction projects and road works in order to benefit public safety.

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We are happy to work with clients all over Worcestershire, whether your intentions are to secure your land or provide security blockades during large outdoor events. Our use of concrete barrier services has been recognised by LANTRA and our accreditation has seen major clients such as the City of London Police and various London Olympic venues approach us for our Malta Block services. We pride ourselves on our reputation with clients from all over the country and all our clients have felt safe in the knowledge that they can depend upon our concrete barriers for security and roadside applications.

There are no restrictions on the number of concrete barriers you can purchase or hire and we offer a wide range of sizes for both short and long term use. If you require a more permanent fixture for your property or land for security purposes you can purchase our concrete blockades, whilst you can order our Malta Blocks for temporary construction sites and vacant properties as well. It doesn’t matter how many concrete barriers you need as we treat all our clients with the same level of service regardless of the size of the job. Contact Maltaward today and we can take you through our range of concrete barriers and find the ideal solution to your requirements.

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