Crowd Control Barrier Hire

If you are looking for crowd control barriers for your next event, Maltaward is happy to provide you with its fantastic quality crowd barriers to keep everyone comfortable and reassured and to stop any health and safety issues from arising.

Crowds can surge unexpectedly, which can lead to serious injuries, so it is important that large groups of people are managed appropriately. Structural elements such as barriers can be used to do this to ensure that everyone stays safe and the event runs smoothly. Our range of safety barrier hire includes MASS safety barriers.

Maltaward is proud to offer a fantastic range of top quality crowd barriers available to hire for your next event, and we offer very competitive prices so that you get excellent value for money. Get in touch with Maltaward today to find out more about the crowd barriers available from concrete to plastic barriers to hire.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can these barriers be used?

    Crowd control barriers can be used at a number of different sites in order to better control the movement of crowds or to ensure that groups are separated. Whether at sporting events, outdoor events, festivals, or anywhere with a large crowd gathered – these barriers are ideal for crowd control.

  • Why are crowd barriers necessary?

    Having barriers in place can be a very effective method to ensure that crowds cannot surge or reach dangerous levels where people could be hurt.

  • Where can you provide crowd barriers?

    Maltaward operates a nationwide service, so no matter where you are in the UK, we can hire you the highest quality crowd control barriers available.

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