MASS Screenguard

Maltaward provides a range of Multi Applicational Safety System or MASS products for both sale and hire, to use in constructional and security projects. The base unit is a steel barrier consisting of hot dip galvanised and powder coated in highly visible safety colours. The base MASS units link together using a set of vertical pins and there are a variety of different top sections available to suit the requirements of each job.

MASS Screenguard for Hire

The MASS Screenguard available for hire ensures easy assembly for a range of different situations. Where privacy is required on a worksite, the MASS Screenguard offers a high steel hoarding panel designed to prevent access and visibility from the site. All MASS guard elements can be interchanged with the MASS base unit for ease of use.

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For more information on the hire or sale of MASS Pedestrian Guards offered by Maltaward, or for more information regarding our other services, contact us on 01293 854930 to discuss your requirements. We provide airside services, the hire and sale of concrete barriers and blocks and security fencing among other services.

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