Airside Fencing

Maltaward Airside Fencing at Heathrow

Heathrow airport, Air-side Maltaward have once again gone above and beyond with the  installation of our unique fencing system using our own in-house manufactured  TVCB barriers & unique mesh fence panels. Our client asked us to build a temporary compound for planned project works. We carried out all of the works with our directly employed staff , our own air-side passed lorries, our own air-side passed forklifts, and completed the project to the clients satisfaction. With our own in-house appointed persons, we where able to provide all necessary RAMS, air-side permits to the satisfaction of BAA (British Airports Authority) see our clients comments;” As discussed on the phone, a very impressive operation to install the aircraft stand perimeter concrete barriers and mesh fence  with a minimum of fuss The installation was carried out very quickly and efficiently considering the limitations imposed when working air-side at Heathrow. I would have no hesitation in using your company again for this type of logistics work”. A. S. Operational Management Team Heathrow.