Dark clouds continue to form above commercial sites with a high risk of fly tipping

Concrete Barriers Blocking a Gate

Working closely with our client, a robust solution was provided to prevent possible unwanted access to their high risk site. The bell mouth of the access road is secured by 5 x 2.5 Tonne concrete barrier TVCBs, bolted together for extra security. Behind the gate we have placed on their bellies 4 x 4.5 Tonne concrete barrier TVCBs. The barriers were placed by our fully qualified operators using a Rigid lorry and HIAB crane. The collective weight on site is 30.5Tonne of reinforced concrete. Find out more about our range of barriers here and for more information on how we can help you improve security and more.

This aggressive display concrete barriers clearly shouts the message to opportunist fly tippers to ‘move-on’.

The alternative is £100,000.00 of waste removal.

Fly tipping on a grand scale