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Security Dogs

Passive security measures such as our Concrete blocks, CCTV and Security Screens and Fencing all have their place, but if you need 24-hour peace of mind on particularly vulnerable sites, there is nothing like the presence of a dog and handler to patrol your vacant property.

Trespasser’s camped on your property can be time consuming and costly to remove and it may be more cost effective to put in place a visible deterrent. Maltaward are experienced providers of security patrol dogs.

Many of our clients successfully use our bollards, barriers and security doors to keep their commercial and industrial premises secure, but when a more active measure is required, security dog and handler teams are the most effective solution.

Security Dogs with Handlers for Hire

Trained to the highest level of obedience, Maltaward security patrol dogs show trained aggression towards trespassers, while being entirely safe to operate alongside the general public.

Security dog and handler teams are proven to be more agile and intimidating than multiple static guards and demonstrate better responsiveness at detecting and apprehending trespassers.

At Maltaward, we ensure every animal is continually assessed to guarantee excellence and reliability.

Trained Handlers with Every Dog

Every security guard dog is paired with an accredited handler, to act as a cohesive unit in protecting your property.

Just like our dogs, Maltaward handlers are regularly tested to meet the highest standards for keeping your site secure.

Protect Your Site

Patrol dogs provide a visible security measure for any industrial or commercial site. We frequently work with hospitals, offices, construction sites, factories, warehouses, commercial yards, recycling sites and more.

The specific skills of a dog unit are ideal for:

  • Open spaces that are vulnerable to fly tippers or traveller settlements
  • Secluded sites, where a single guard may be vulnerable
  • Sensing intruders hiding beyond a line of sight
  • Protecting valuable equipment, goods or scrap materials
  • Empty buildings or construction projects that may attract squatters
  • Offices or commercial ventures that benefit from a visible security presence

For more information on the services that we provide on concrete barriers or security solutions, please contact Maltaward by emailing us at or by filling in the form on our website with your details and your query and we will get straight back to you.

Alternatively, you can phone us on 0800 043 2742 to discuss our services with one of our sales team or to arrange for a quotation today.

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