Flytipping Prevention & Clear Up in Watford

Flytipping Prevention & Clear Up in Watford

Maltaward do it again, traveller eviction and clean up! We got a call from our client saying they had Travellers on site at Watford. We sent our Bailiffs to site to serve notice the same afternoon as the Travellers were Flytipping the site.

We put a security Dog and Handler on the site that afternoon to watch the site over night. We reattended the next morning with the Police and our team of Bailiffs and a Tow truck and we carried out the eviction. We had our own Maltaward Lorry waiting on site as the last caravan was removed from the site. We immediately placed the Concrete Barriers and bolted them together. We then kept our security Dog and Handler on the site to monitor the site.

All this was done in less than 24 hours.

The client then wanted us to quote for the clearance of the flytipping which we did, and the client has instructed us to carry out the flytipping removal. At Maltaward we offer a complete service to our clients.

Flytipping clearance

We can provide this service anywhere in the UK and we can carry out a free of charge site survey too.   

The costs of Flytipping for a Vacant property can be high so if you have a problem rather than dealing with different companies for single items, please call us we do it all and we will liase with you at all times. For more information on the range of barriers and security services we provide, including MASS safety barriers, Kentledge Blocks and more, get in touch with us today.