How CCTV makes your property more secure

CCTV Solutions

The use of CCTV has become far more common in recent years. Well known for its uses protecting businesses and the public in city centres, it is also true that CCTV can be an invaluable security measure everywhere from vacant properties to construction sites.

There are a number of different types of CCTV camera solutions and these can be easily and effectively deployed at remote locations, so that any site can have powerful security features. In this blog, we take a look at how CCTV makes your property more secure, and why you might consider investing in this security feature.

Deterrent to crime

Perhaps the most effective element of CCTV security is its ability to deter crime before it takes place. Trespassers and criminals are far less likely to stay on your property if they see that there is CCTV in place that could potentially capture them on camera and identify them in the future.

It is important, then, to put up clear signage to say that CCTV is present and make sure that anyone passing the site or property knows that they are being watched. Make the CCTV cameras very clear – it is much better to avoid the criminal activity altogether, and CCTV is very good at deterring this sort of behaviour.

Monitor your perimeter

Just as it can be effective to have highly visual CCTV cameras that can stop the crime before it takes place, it can also be used for monitoring purposes. Even when you are at a site or property, there will almost certainly be areas that you simply can’t see.

It is a great idea to set up CCTV in these blind spots, so that you can monitor the entire property at all times.

Identify trespassers

Of course, no-one wants to suffer crime at their property or site, but even with deterrents in place this can unfortunately still occur. Thankfully, CCTV can help bring criminals to justice if you have suffered any kind of robbery, damage, or vandalism.

24/7 protection

It should be noted that sites and properties can be the victims of crime at any time – especially at those hours when people are least likely to be present. This is why it is so valuable that CCTV offers protection 24 hours a day.

It is extremely valuable to have complete peace of mind that no matter when trespassing or criminal activity occurs, there is protection in place.

A low-cost measure

Perhaps one element of CCTV that is overlooked in terms of its effectiveness as a form of security is the fact that it is a cheaper option than many of the others available. It can sometimes be overlooked that if security is going to be too expensive, some property owners and managers will be put off spending the money.

For those that simply don’t have the budget to spend on security guards or patrols around the clock, CCTV can actually do a good job of security at a much lower cost. The fact that it is available at this lower price point makes it accessible.

If you are interested in learning more about CCTV solutions, Maltaward have been providing rapid deployment CCTV towers as well as standalone wireless systems for a number of years. Our team has extensive expertise working on CCTV for owners of vacant property, managers of construction sites, as well as for a wide range of different types of commercial and industrial settings.

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