How to secure your business car park

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If your office, warehouse, commercial or industrial site has its own car park then it’s important to understand that this could be a potentially vulnerable area from a physical security point of view.

Not only are car parks often used by criminals to conduct surveillance activities on staff members but they also provide a decent getaway point should they ever manage to physically breach your business or steal items from it.

As such, it’s imperative to ensure your car park is equipped with the security features it needs to keep it safe. In this article, we will take a detailed look into this, highlighting which security features we’d recommend putting in place to help protect your business.

Install A Barrier

The first step to improving your car park’s security is installing a code-protected entry barrier.

Using a code in this way will enable you to change it on a regular basis, automatically sending it out only to the people you want to provide with access to your car park. Alternatively, you could always add fob activation or a security guard to your barrier as a secondary way of managing entry in and out.

As well as providing a simple layer of security that will keep out unauthorised vehicles, having a barrier in place will also help ensure that members of the public do not use your car park. Having an understanding of who is in the car park in this way can be very useful in terms of security.

Use Concrete Barriers

It should be pointed out that while there may be only one official entry point to a car park, there could well be other areas in which a car could enter the car park.

Say, for example, a car mounts the pavement. Because of this action, they may now be able to enter through a newfound gap in a wall. As such, it’s important not to overlook these areas, since they can be potentially vulnerable points which criminals can use to gain access to your car park.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to block access through these entry points is by placing concrete barriers or security fencing across them. Not only can this help prevent unauthorised access but it will also ensure that all the vehicles that wish to enter the car park are forced to use the barrier.

Utilise CCTV

Limiting access is one way of securing your car park but it may not always be possible to prevent all access. Therefore, it could be sensible to take further steps to add layers of security. If someone is able to get into your car park, for instance, you will want to have additional measures in place to limit what they can do.

Generally speaking, having a CCTV Camera Solution installed to overlook your car park is highly recommend. The cameras this system uses will then be able to catch the number plate of any vehicle that enters the car park, while also providing images of the trespassing individuals.

What’s more, CCTV acts as a great deterrent to criminals. When individuals see that a car park is protected by CCTV, for example, they will look for somewhere different that doesn’t have these sorts of security features available. It is therefore a sensible strategy to make it obvious you have CCTV in place by using a variety of signs and posters.

Let There Be Light

Another strong security feature that can be extremely beneficial for your car park is motion-sensor lighting.

When these lights detect movement they will turn on, illuminating anyone who might be in the vicinity. This, once again, can act as an excellent deterrent to criminal activity, immediately putting off any wannabe criminal from attempting to do what they had intended.

Here at Maltaward, we are experts in a wide range of security solutions. To find out more about our broad variety of services, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.



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