Important business security features for 2021

CCTV Solutions

Businesses have faced significant upheaval through 2020. Even those companies and organisations that managed to continue operating through the pandemic were forced to make significant changes to their operation in order to bring in extra controls to stop the spread of the virus.

Most businesses are hoping that 2021 will bring back a degree of normality – and that is likely to mean they will need to consider making changes to increase their levels of security. Thankfully, as 2020 has shown, businesses can adapt quickly and bring in the necessary new features, so upgrading security in 2021 should not be too much of a burden.

Here we take a look at some of the most important security features that your business can introduce over the next year.


CCTV has become a security necessity for businesses – this is due to the fact that it actually serves two very important security purposes. Firstly, the cameras can capture recordings of any criminal behaviour which can make it easier to gain convictions against them after the fact.

Secondly, and actually probably more importantly, CCTV acts as a deterrent to crime. Your business should make a big deal out of the fact that you have CCTV – put signage up to remind anyone in the vicinity that their actions are being recorded. This can have the effect of stopping crime before it can happen.

Carpark barriers

Your carpark can potentially be a point of weakness that could be exploited by criminals. Whether you have high value products and equipment, or keep a lot of cash at your premises, your business can be a target for ‘ramraiding’ – where vehicles are driven into a building to gain access to it as well as to create chaos.

It is important to put concrete barriers in place in front of your premises and especially around your carpark, as this can mitigate the risk of ramraiding.


It’s not just physical security that businesses need to be concerned with. Cybercrime has become a major issue in recent years and it is up to organisations to ensure that they have the kind of digital defences in place to minimise the risk of suffering a data breach.

Interestingly, some of the physical security features above actually have a role to play in preventing cybercrime. Many types of cybercrime rely on forms of social engineering or even surveillance of businesses. So, having physical security features in place can actually work to stop this from taking place.

If you would like to learn more about the range of security features that businesses need to invest in 2021, get in contact with the highly experienced team at Maltaward today. Maltaward specialises in concrete barriers and other forms of physical security, and can help your business get the defences it needs.

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