Interlocking Concrete Blocks installation in the Midlands

Interlocking blocks 2

Last week Maltaward (Barriers) Ltd. completed the installation of 95 interlocking blocks at a waste handling site in the Midlands. We used our 1800 x 800 x 800mm XL Interlocking Concrete Blocks, each weighing 2.4tonnes and laid them three course high to form the temporary storage facility. Our installation team delivered the blocks on our self-offloading Hiab’s and Artic over two days, before assembling the blocks into the three-sided storage bay.

The interlocking blocks have mushroom lifting points so that the Hiab crane fitted with lifting clutch can easily and accurately place the blocks. Half blocks are used on alternative courses to create the staggered brick bond and adding to the installation’s stability. The storage bay was further enhanced with the addition of the scaffold and board screening.

Interlocking blocks 1

Interlocking blocks 3

Interlocking blocks


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