Our Guide to Solar Farm Security and Protecting your Assets

Solar panels on factory roof.

As the world moves towards a more environmentally-friendly-focused approach, solar panels have seen a surge in popularity. From home installations to large-scale solar farms, it’s becoming more and more common to see these PV panels soaking up the rays.

Some of the reasons for the increase in solar panel popularity include gaining their owners access to funding and grants and cost-effective energy. Solar farms are also a means for farmers to continue earning money from their land if their crops or livestock levels are low. But even though there is a lot of love for solar panels, let’s look at why they need robust security.

Why Solar Farms are Security Risks

While largely seen as a positive, solar panels do have their drawbacks, particularly for those who own them. They are often installed to tight deadlines, with security being an afterthought. The important thing at the time is to get the panels installed and generate energy as soon as possible, but on a large scale, this requires plenty of security.

With a field full of solar panels, it quickly becomes vulnerable as more and more people become aware of them. This may be from just driving past, or it could be what is essentially a scouting mission for criminals and vandals seeking to cause some trouble.

An isolated solar panel farm is a golden opportunity for thieves due to the high volume of panels in one place. Those isolated locations allow the robbers to operate unseen.

The Main Security Risks for Solar Farms

Let’s look at the main issues surrounding solar farm security, and why it’s essential to keep these renewable energy sources protected.


One of the biggest concerns for anyone who owns solar panels is theft. These are valuable pieces of equipment, with the panels and cables being the prime targets for thieves. Without adequate deterrents and alarms, criminals can swoop in and stock up on solar panels before anyone even knows they are there.


Some people just want to take their frustrations with life out on others and the vandalism of solar farms is a common outlet. It could be teenagers looking to impress their friends or it could be the work of criminals looking to cause a power outage or cause disruption. With a lack of security measures in places, solar farms are vulnerable to such attacks, which can cause stress and fear for owners.


While it might seem that most people should agree that solar power is necessary for the protection of the environment, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see a solar farm on their doorstep. It’s not uncommon for protests to occur in rural areas by residents who believe the area of natural beauty is ruined by rows upon rows of solar panels.

Others can take umbrage at the potential upset these farms cause to local wildlife. Whatever the reason for the protests, it’s important that solar farms protect themselves from such organised events. Those protests could escalate and put a solar farm at risk of being vandalised, or those who own them being physically threatened.

How Maltaward can provide solar farm security solutions

Concrete baricade-Depositphotos_3643649_xl-2015

Fortunately, some measures can be put in place to prevent and deter criminals or protesters from gaining access to solar farms.

Concrete Barriers

Our wide range of concrete barriers can be used in a variety of ways to bolster the security of your premises. We can position our barriers to prevent vehicles from gaining access to your land, thereby deterring protesters, trespassers and even fly-tippers.

The type of barrier you wish to install is down to you. You may wish to simply place rock barriers for a more natural-looking deterrent or position our security blocks for a heavy-duty solution.

CCTV Cameras

Just like scarecrows can keep the birds away from a farm’s crops, CCTV can help keep thieves away from a solar farm’s panels.

We offer CCTV towers and standalone wireless camera systems that act as a security solution for your solar farm. These CCTV solutions can be installed rapidly and record footage in high definition so you won’t miss a thing.

Security Fencing

Our security fencing is ideal for marking out a perimeter and providing an obstacle for thieves, vandals and protesters to gain entry into your solar farm.

In particular, our steel palisade fencing offers industrial-strength protection which is weatherproof and ideal for keeping out gatecrashers or trespassers. Thanks to their design they also make it hard for individuals trying to gain access to your solar farm while keeping out vehicles and groups.

Maltaward’s Winning Approach to Security

Not only are we specialists in concrete barriers, but we also provide a wide range of security solutions, from security patrol dogs to fly-tipping removal and prevention. We are located throughout the UK with barriers for hire at every hub. If you are looking for security solutions to protect your property then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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