Preparing Kent for the end of the Brexit transition period

Kent Map

Maltaward is pleased to provide barriers and fencing in support of the Brexit Preparation Plans, Operation Fennel. This is the multi-agency response to mitigate delays in freight and passenger traffic using the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel to the Continent.


Operation Fennel sets out the operational methods to accommodate delayed vehicles using these facilities which are of national importance. As the shortest crossing point between the UK and mainland Europe, the short straits ports of Dover and Channel Tunnel account for 69% of all goods vehicles and 89% of all powered goods vehicles that travel between the UK and mainland.


Maltaward has supplied over 1000 TVBC’s and fencing, helping implement the HGV holding areas for the Government service known as ‘Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border’. The aim of the service is to ensure that freight is ready for new border controls before it enters Kent, therefore reducing congestion and avoiding any unnecessary queues in Kent.

Maltaward (Barriers) ltd have supplied barriers and fencing at three locations of the escalating plan to mitigate congestion for HGV’s and local road users.

The first zone at Ebbsfleet International car park was competed this week, which will be used to manage HMRC customs clearance from January and will also be used as a muster point when freight carrying certain goods such as seafood or livestock is prioritised.


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