The uses of concrete barriers


At Maltaward, we specialise in providing concrete barriers to buy or hire. Our barriers are extremely versatile and can be utilised for a wide range of projects and uses. Barriers have been used as in a range of solutions for issues as varied as construction sites to popular events.

Whether you are look for an ideal way to manage traffic flow, or simply a physical barrier to act as security for your site, concrete barriers present an ideal solution. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key uses for our barriers to help you understand whether they might be valuable for you.

Security and physical defence

Concrete barriers are strong and robust objects that can be ideal as a security measure for a building, construction site or carpark. The barriers help to prevent unauthorised or unwanted access to a space.

They can do this by restricting movement and making it impossible for vehicle to enter a site. Barriers can be deployed effectively to stop the possibility of ramraiding, and can also be placed in front of access points.

Crowd control

These barriers are an ideal solution at large events and festivals if you are looking for a way to manage crowd control. This involve simply stopping too many people from entering an area, or providing a barrier between groups.

Crowd control is an important part of safety planning for many events, and being able to separate crowds into groups can minimise the risk of situations such as overcrowding that can lead to crushes.

Protecting pedestrians

One of the most valuable aspects of concrete barriers is that they are able to withstand being hit by cars. This means that they are ideal for use in protecting pedestrians when they are in an area where people on foot are in close proximity to vehicles.

This is actually a very common occurrence everywhere from construction sites to events and festivals. Barriers stop the possibility of vehicles being able to collide with pedestrians.

Guiding traffic

Just as barriers can be used to defend people on foot from traffic, they can also be used for more general traffic management. Barriers can delineate areas that vehicles can drive, also helping to minimise the possibilities that vehicles might hit each other.

Once again, this can be used on any kind of site where vehicles need to be operating regularly but there is no formal road or markings in place.

Helping to restrict views

It may be the case that a site needs to keep views of the area restricted. For example, it may be that your site needs to be keep private or protected. Alternatively, it could be the case that the site could potentially cause a distraction to road users, and therefore the visual neds to be restricted.

Many types of concrete barrier are stackable, which means that a larger barrier can be created which will minimise the possibility of people being able to view the site if they are not permitted to.

Securing a vacant area

It is often the case that large vacant sites and areas need to be protected. These sites may be used for squatting or other criminal activities, and it can be important to ensure that no-one unauthorised is able to access the site.

Barriers can be used for this in a variety of ways. For example, in the first instance barriers simply act as a deterrent to show that the site has protection in place. Additionally, they can be used to create a permitter boundary that means the site can only be accessed via specific checkpoints.

Parking bays

Barriers can be extremely effectively when they are being used to give physical structure to large open spaces. A good example of this comes in the form of creating parking bays for vehicles.

This could be at an event or festival, or at a construction in order to provide equipment with somewhere to be parked.

Flood defences

Increasingly concrete barriers are being consider a valuable tool to use in flood defences. For both residential and commercial properties, barriers can minimise the risk of flooding and prevent significant damage to property.

At Maltaward, we can provide high quality concrete barriers that are ideal for any of these purposes. If you are interested in learning about the barriers we offer, or what they could do for you, please get in contact with our experienced team today.


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