Airside Approved Road Plates

We stock Steel Airside Approved Road Plates alongside our existing comprehensive range of Metallic Road Plates. Our Airside Approved Road Plates have been manufactured specifically to meet the best practice demands while airside at airports. You can rest assured that our specially manufactured Road Plates will exceed any existing protocols already in effect.

Steel Road Plates

Our Steel Airside Approved Road Plates are approved for airside delivery and collection at both Gatwick and Heathrow Airport and constructed from strong, reliable steel plating. The Road Plates are bevel edged to 45 degrees and drilled with counter-bored holes to enhance precision when secured to any road deck. They are also coated with 2 pack resin encapsulated grit as part of the hardwearing, anti-skid manufacturing specifications.

All our Metallic Road Plates are manufactured to provide a strong practicable method of bridging open excavations and trenches and must therefore flex without breaking under the most extreme loads. These extremely strong Road Plates are used to bridge excavations dug for cables, gas mains, water mains and drainage.

What We Offer

Maltaward offers airside delivery services to Gatwick and Heathrow Airport, with qualified drivers and operators fully equipped to assist you in your construction project. We also provide a nationwide service with yards at Crawley, Gatwick, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham, offering a quick, efficient and cost-effective delivery service.


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