Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic bollards in a variety of forms and sizes, painted, powder coated mild steel or, more expensively, stainless steel.

Typical uses include areas where there is need to restrict and allow access intermittently.

If you are looking for a range of top quality telescopic bollards for all your site security needs, look no further than Maltaward for the highest level of customer service and the most knowledgeable team. The Maltaward team are the experts when it comes to telescopic bollards and all other products related to keeping a site safe and secure, and the good news is that we can supply our quality products to customers anywhere in the UK for your convenience.

Telescopic bollards are perfect when you need to restrict and allow access intermittently, as they are not permanently fixed into an up or down position. If you have a private vehicle access area of your site, they are ideal, as the bollards can be retracted when a vehicle needs to get through and fixed into position when you don’t want to allow anyone through. It offers a flexible security solution that you can completely adapt to your own schedule.

Security benefits

Another useful purpose of telescopic bollards is for when you have a problem with travellers using your land and you want to keep them away. Telescopic bollards can be installed around the perimeter of your site to keep unwanted vehicles away, and if for some reason an authorised vehicle needs to access the site you can easily release the bollards temporarily to let it through without having to remove an entire bollard, which can be highly inconvenient.

Our telescopic bollards have special devices which mean they can only be released and fixed into place by an authorised person, so you have total peace of mind that your site will remain secure and safe when they are installed. They are incredibly strong and durable, so should resist any vehicles or humans trying to remove them or tamper with them in any way, and Maltaward will be happy to advise you on the best number and position of our telescopic bollards in order to prevent vehicles from getting through poorly spaced bollards.

The safety and security of your site is extremely important, as unauthorised vehicles can pose a threat to the safety of those on your site. Furthermore, bollards can act as a buffer between vehicles and your building, so that if any vehicles lose control they would hit the bollards rather than the building itself.

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If you are looking to get hold of some quality telescopic bollards, metal bollards or concrete bollards and need to know more about quantities and placement, please contact Maltaward for more details.


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