Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers and blocks are a fast and effective way to manage traffic, prevent unauthorised access to your site and secure empty or unmonitored premises from trespassers, fly-tippers, vandals and traveller invasions.

Concrete Blocks and Barriers for Sale and Hire

From our FORS Gold certified fleet of vehicles, we provide fast and cost-effective nationwide delivery from our depots in Crawley (HQ), Gatwick, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham. As well as selling concrete barriers for permanent projects, we can also offer concrete barrier rentals depending on your needs and requirements.

Anyone conducting a construction project or those wanting to protect a vacant site would benefit from Maltaward’s range of excellent quality concrete blocks and barriers. Our blocks are available to hire or buy so that you can keep your site safe on a permanent basis, or so that you always have a supply at hand when you need to start a new project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the typical applications for concrete safety barriers?

    Our barriers can be used in numerous commercial or industrial applications, from roadside traffic management to building site security. The wide variety shapes, sizes, and weights mean that clients can find practical barrier solutions that meet their needs, such as including interlocking units for stacking or connecting into chains.

    Common uses include:

    • Defining entry and exit points to construction sites (TVCBs or Interlocking Jersey Barriers)
    • Managing traffic flow in open spaces (Temporary vertical concrete barriers, Jersey Barriers)
    • Crowd and traffic management at temporary events (Interlocking Jersey Barriers)
    • Preventing vehicle access Rock, TVCBs, Jersey Barriers, Marquee Blocks)
    • Keep structures securely attached to the ground with Kentledge or ballast to  (Marquee Blocks)
    • Limiting access or protecting landscaping whilst maintaining an attractive appearance (Rock)
    • Providing a barrier between personnel, vehicles, equipment and other hazards (TVCBs)

    Our teams also deal with security, providing blocks to reduce the access opportunities for travelers, squatters, fly tippers and thieves. For information about the types of concrete blocks we have available for hire and purchase, see below.

  • Are your concrete barriers for hire or purchase?

    We work around our client requirements, offering concrete barriers for sale and for rent. If you have an urgent requirement for permanent or temporary concrete barriers, call our team and we can help you find the most appropriate solution as quickly as possible.

  • What are the barrier delivery options?

    Our FORS Gold-certified fleet operates from hubs all over the UK, enabling us to provide an expert delivery service for all of our clients. Instead of relying on third-party couriers like many of our competitors, all of our deliveries are carried out by experienced in-house teams to ensure your barrier delivery is as smooth as possible.

    We offer overnight delivery, weekend delivery and 24-hour delivery to work around your business needs and help you get your site set up efficiently.

  • Can you install the blocks / barriers?

    Yes, at Maltaward we can provide a complete installation service, using our HIAB vehicles to position your barriers quickly and safely. These lorries are also suitable for lifting and moving large and awkward equipment into a more convenient location.

    We also provide site safety assessments where required – simply call our team for details.

  • Why work with Maltaward?

    We have been providing barrier and civil engineering services for almost 30 years, developing excellent client relationships and providing assistance with a huge variety of projects. When it comes to choosing the most effective concrete barriers for your site, we not only offer our expertise as barrier manufacturers, but as industry specialists.

    Our team is unusual, if not unique, in the fact that we offer clients and end-to-end service that includes manufacture, delivery, installation and removal. This means that our engineers are always on hand to provide recommendations, answer questions and proactively deal with any situation or change in circumstance.

    If you require barriers urgently, call us now. Our team can be at your site in a matter of hours, delivering your concrete blocks to keep your premises safe and secure.

  • How soon can you deliver?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and provide high-quality concrete barriers to your project as soon as possible. For details on the specific requirements and delivery times, please get in contact with our team.

  • What is the minimum/maximum hire period?

    We do not have a specific maximum or minimum hire time for concrete barriers that we have rented. We are happy to work around your specific needs to ensure that you have the concrete barriers for as long as you need them.

  • Can your concrete barriers be stacked?

    No, concrete barriers are not designed for this purpose. If you need a higher barrier this is something that we can also provide.

  • Can you install barriers at off-road locations?

    Yes, our professional team can deal with installations at all types of sites. Using HIAB cranes we are confident that we can deal with virtually any kind of concrete barrier installation – but if you are concerned about anything specific, do speak to our team.

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a professional, efficient service

The barriers are insitu and I just wanted to thank you and your team for a professional, efficient service today.  It is very much appreciated.

There was no trouble and the job was done quickly and cleanly. Brilliant.

Thank you for your email and extreme thanks should go to the chap who delivered the blocks.
He did a great job and dealt with any enquiries responsibly. There was no trouble and the job was done quickly and cleanly. Brilliant.

we would not hesitate in using your services again in the future

The temporary barriers were gone on arrival at 08.00am this morning. Thanks to you and your team for all your help in removing unwanted visitors and securing the premises in a timely and professional manner. Hopefully there will be no need, but we would not hesitate in using your services again in the future.

We are really pleased and with the placement of the blocks

Just wanted to let you know that the client was really pleased and with the placement of the blocks, and complimented us on a great job. So wanted to pass it on to you guys as well!

Jak – Maltaward Barriers

We are really greatful for you guys organising these barriers, the driver was early, took no time at all and we are now properly secure. We will only use you for this sort of stuff in future, 10/10 service.

Pikay Patel

We would like to thank you for your company for the prompt services in providing the concrete blocks for securing our old site. The service level was exceptional.

We are delighted with the result

Just to express my gratitude for the delivery of the 4 concrete barriers this morning. Your driver arrived in perfect time, extremely helpful and very skilled at getting the concrete blocks 10m down a narrow alleyway and into the exact position that they were needed, they have solved our problem perfectly, do express my thanks to your driver for his very careful and extremely accurate and precise work. We are delighted with the result.

Kind regards.