A Brief Guide To Improving Hotel Security

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Managing the security of a hotel can be a tricky task to do. After all, with so many guests and visitors coming in and out so frequently, it can be difficult for hotel staff and security staff alike to know who is meant to be there, and who is only there to cause trouble.

This, in turn, can then raise the risk of crimes like theft, vandalism and violence, highlighting the need for strong and effective security systems to be put in place at all times.

And this isn’t only true for hotel staff – for guests visiting the hotel as well, they will expect safety and security to be a top concern throughout their stay. Without feeling safe, these guests may feel reluctant to stay with you, losing you revenue and putting your business at risk in the process.

So, how should you go about implementing an effective security system to keep issues such as these at bay? Well, that’s what we are here to discuss in this article.

Join us as we not only highlight a few key methods to improve hotel security but also point out some of the main software and systems it could be worth your time investing in.

Improve Your Customer Service

First things first, in order to get to know your guests as best you can in as short a space of time as possible, you are going to need to rely on delivering exceptional customer service.

This will provide you with two key benefits. First, the obvious – all guests value being treated nicely, feeling as if they are a priority in the eyes of the hotel, and will be much more likely to be a repeat customer should they enjoy their stay with you.

And second, offering exceptional customer service will also provide you with an opportunity to get to know your guests a lot better, making it easier to identify individuals who are acting suspiciously or your staff can’t remember encountering so that your security team can keep an extra eye out.

Assess All The Risks

While on the subject of keeping an extra eye out, when it comes to nailing your hotel’s security, it could be worth getting an expert’s opinion on where you should focus your time, money and attention.

By taking out a thorough risk assessment, this will help identify all of your hotel’s most significant security threats and vulnerabilities, allowing you to then work out which software, tools and staff solutions are best equipped at combatting the issue.

Invest in a few security systems

Following on from your hotel’s risk assessment, investing in the appropriate security systems is highly recommended.

Technology has progressed a long way over the past few decades, after all, so, without the right systems in place, you could be offering an open invitation out to a criminal.

Whether it be a CCTV camera solution to act as a deterrent to intruders, temporary security fencing to keep trespassers away from particular areas, security dogs to patrol the area, or a SITEX window security shutter to prevent unauthorised entry, generally speaking, the more secure your hotel is, the more at ease both you and your guests will feel while staying there.

CCTV systems, for example, are a fantastic means of keeping on top of your hotel’s security at all times, not only alerting your security team to the presence of intruders, thieves and criminals but also providing you with the evidence to prevent them threatening your premises again in the future.

Prioritise your parking areas

Car parks can often be hotbeds for crimes like theft and vandalism, especially during the off-hours of the day. So, without having the right systems in place and controlling who comes in and out of your car park, you could unintentionally be allowing criminals to infiltrate your premises without even knowing.

As such, installing a traffic management system via the use of concrete barriers is a highly effective method of preventing this becoming an issue.

If you’re looking for more of a permanent security solution, installing a range of precast security blocks could be a great choice. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a temporary means of keeping your car park safe, XL interlocking concrete blocks or temporary vertical concrete barriers (TVCB) could not only help you direct the flow of traffic but they can also be structured in any way you wish.

Likewise, CCTV security systems also act as a great deterrent, making it clear to would-be criminals that their face and actions are being recorded at all times. This, in turn, will also reassure your guests that their cars are being kept safe and secure during their stay with you.

Hire professional security guards

It should go without saying really but, to really go the extra mile in keeping your guests safe, you could always consider hiring a professional firm of security guards.

Having had the expert level of training required to identify, monitor and deal with potential threats, professional security guards are best-placed to spot crimes before they even happen, handling any potentially dangerous situations before they get out of hand.

Similarly, when their presence has been made obvious, security guards will also act as a visual deterrent to criminals and will be well-placed to deal with law enforcement should it ever be required.

They will also be able to support hotel staff with a wide variety of duties – from assisting hotel guests to their cars late at night to monitoring CCTV to double-checking guest credentials when checking in.

Final Thoughts…

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the eventual full reopening of hotels, improving your security is now more imperative than ever – for both your staff and guests alike.

The last thing you want, after all, is for guests to feel ill at ease during their stay with you, discouraging them from staying with you again or even using your services at all.

And, while it may seem costly on the face of it, you can never put a price on safety, so it’s important to invest in the systems, equipment and people who put your – and your guests’ – mind at ease.

For more advice on the security systems we have mentioned in this blog, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’re only ever a phone call away.

Here at Maltaward, we have substantial experience in helping a wide range of hotels and other commercial enterprises improve their security. So, why not let us do the same for you? Contact us today.

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